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ConnectScale Quote #2 by Ted Trueblood

Posted by Ben Arnold on October 07, 2015 . 0 Comments

Ted Trueblood Fishing Quote

"Don't wait until you retire to go fishing.  Don't even wait until your annual vacation.  GO AT EVERY OPPORTUNITY.  Things that appear more urgent at the moment may in the long run, turn out to be far less so."  - Ted Trueblood   

This quote holds true to some many things.   We are often caught up by the hustle of our everyday lives and often put priority on things that turn out aren't really that important.  Life is short and we are not guaranteed tomorrow, make sure to make the most of every moment by doing the things you enjoy most.   

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ConnectScale Quotes #1

Posted by Ben Arnold on September 25, 2015 . 0 Comments


This is a new feature on our site where we will post quotes and pictures that "Connect" to the sport and industry we love and work in.   These quotes will focus around fishing and the outdoors but we may throw in random off topic quotes.  We may reflect on the quote and provide insight on what it means to us.  We encourage you to leave a comment at the bottom about what the quote might mean to you or what memory it triggers.  

The 1st quote was selected by my beautiful wife and business partner Megan.  Megan is an Elementary and Pre-K Teacher, which may have influenced her selection.  

"Angling may be said to be like the mathematics that it can never be fully learned."  Izaak Walton - Co-Author of The Competent Angler 

When I...

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