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ConnectScale Quotes #1

Posted by Ben Arnold on September 25, 2015 . 0 Comments


This is a new feature on our site where we will post quotes and pictures that "Connect" to the sport and industry we love and work in.   These quotes will focus around fishing and the outdoors but we may throw in random off topic quotes.  We may reflect on the quote and provide insight on what it means to us.  We encourage you to leave a comment at the bottom about what the quote might mean to you or what memory it triggers.  

The 1st quote was selected by my beautiful wife and business partner Megan.  Megan is an Elementary and Pre-K Teacher, which may have influenced her selection.  

"Angling may be said to be like the mathematics that it can never be fully learned."  Izaak Walton - Co-Author of The Competent Angler 

When I first read this quote, it made me think back about how I came up with the idea of ConnectScale and my decision to create something that would help anglers.   The idea started when I would see pictures on social media of friends and family with their latest catch.  My cousin Travis Ketron was a big part of the inspiration as he would often post images of tournament results that were manually written on forms or excel spreadsheets.  This planted the seed in my head and then one day when using a Fitbit scale to weigh myself in the bathroom I thought to myself, I wonder if there is anything that helps automate the data capture and tracking of catches?   After some research I found that there really wasn't much in the marketplace that helped automate the data capture process for anglers.  I thought there has to be a better way and that is how the ConnectScale idea was created.  

ConnectScale is a Bluetooth® enabled digital scale and fishing app.  Anglers can use ConnectScale to help automate the process of keeping a journal and data about their catches.  By keeping a history and using data analytics anglers can start to identify patterns of what is working best so that they may learn how to repeat their successes on future fishing trips.  While we may never fully learn all the skills involved with angling (or mathematics), that shouldn't stop us from using tools to help us continuously improve. ConnectScale is an innovative tool that any anyone with an iPhone or Android device can use to learn how to become a better angler.   

Please leave a comment below on how you "Connect" to the quote and reflect on what it means to you. 


Ben Arnold - Owner/Founder ConnectScale