The results are in and the Winners are as follows:

Count - Kody Lane with 26 Catches Submitted.

Weight - Angel Thurman with 5.38 LBS Largemouth

Length - Angel Thurman with 21 Inch Largemouth

3 Random ConnectScale 2 Winners are - Bobby Brown, Jason Gasper, & Dan Thomas.   

Kody will receive $50 Gift Card and Angel will receive $100 for winning both the Weight and Length categories.  

Kody Lane - ConnectScale ProStaff

Here is Kody's recap of his tournament experience.  "I caught fish on a handful of baits and techniques. The main way I was catching the bulk of them was slow rolling a Texas rigged 4.8 Keitech Swing Impact Fat Swimbait with a screw lock willow leaf spinner blade in the belly just behind the bend of the hook and a 1/4 oz weight from WOO Tungsten. I was working it through submerged brush and down grass lines. The rod I was throwing it on was one I made myself, an MHX 7’6” medium heavy and the reel was an Abu Garcia Revo sx spooled up with 20lb P-Line Fluorocarbon. All in all I had a great time fishing for this tournament and look forward to the next one."




Angel Thurman - ConnectScale ProStaff

We asked Angel how she caught her 5.38 LBS winning bass - "I caught her on a Stanford Baits Boom Boom Frog in the Fred’s Frog color. I was using my frog set up which is a St. Croix Slop-n-Frog 7’4” Heavy Fast Action Rod with a Lew’s Super Duty Speed Spool 8.0:1 with 50 pound braid. I was reeling it fairly slow across thick matted vegetation. She exploded on it and then the race was on! " - Angel Thurman 


Thanks to everyone that participated in our first Online Tournament hosted on the ConnectScale - iOS app.   We will be starting another tournament very soon.  


Fall Tournament - ConnectScale iOS Fishing App Winners


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