Thanks to everyone that participated in the ConnectScale iOS No Dinks November Challenge.  Congratulations to all the winners.  

And The Winners Are:


Mark Balbinot in the Weight category with 7.16 LBS Largemouth Bass

Weight Winner

"Had the option of shopping on Black Friday or participating in the online No Dinks November Challenge tournament sponsored by ConnectScale. Central Illinois has had some early snowfalls for November but with a bit of warming trend around the Thanksgiving holidays, I chose to try my luck fishing over shopping and fighting the crowds. The water had cooled down to the low 40's and was a little stained. After no luck with the crankbait, I tied on a Fish Head underspin with a Lake Fork Tackle Magic Shad with boot tail. I was using 14 lb orignal Stren spooled on a Bass Pro Titanium baitcaster paired with a 7' Berkley Lightning medium action rod. I was fishing a flat with about 10' of water on it that has been good to me in the past with low water temps. After a few cast I was rewarded with a nice bass weighing in at 7.16 lbs using the ConnectScale. Later that evening I entered the required data for the online tournament. And now the waiting game began. Just like any other tournament not knowing how anyone else is doing. Then today I received an email notifying me that I had won the Big Bass! WOW! I was not expecting that but thank you again!" - Mark Balbinot 


Bobby Brown in the Count category with 33 verified catches

"The Nov19 ConnectScale Tournament Challenge was a fun way to get some fishing in and compete in an exciting new format. I was at Lake Shasta, California for the first part of the month and took advantage of the Spotted Bass chasing Shad around. I really only had to fish a few hours during the day on my own schedule to compete. Every fish was caught on my Enigma rods (HPT and Phenom). A Battle Baits white spinnerbait and jerkbaits from Duo Realis and Willamette Weapon Custom Lures did most of the work for me.  Lake Shasta is hard to beat for numbers of fish. The ConnectScale 2.0 was easy to use paired with my iPhone to get a weight and a photo before releasing the fish and casting through another ball of shad as fast as I could! Thanks for all of the hard work that went into this product and the new online tournament format." - Bobby Brown


Daniel Hayden in the Length Category with 409 3/4 Total Inches 

Length Winner

"I have never been a part of an online tournament, I was drawn to this event and the ConnectScale due to the excitement I saw from participants during the October challenge, not to mention the accuracy of the scale compared to the scale I was currently using.  The IOS app along with the ConnectScale made it incredibly easy for each catch to be inputted.  The apps attention to detail makes logging your catch information a breeze, you now have every aspect of the fish catch in record for you to look back on anytime you fish during that time of year.  This scale along with the app will change how I log fish catches forever!      
The majority of the fish were caught on channel swings or drop off near the main river.  Water temps in the mid to low 40’s we noticed these fish were concentrating on Crawfish, I threw the Strike King Rage Craw in Moon Juice color, paired that up with a Moaner Hooks EnRaged 3/8oz Shaky Head, I was moving the bait painfully slow, once I hit rocks or stumps I knew fish would be around and moved it even slower, every fish came after the bait crawled over the rock/stump.  I used one rod and reel for these fish, all caught on an Ardent DB Series Flip and Pitch Rod, Ardent Apex Elite Reel, spooled with 15lb Seaguar Abrazx Line.    
Super pumped to have won the length part of the No Dink November Challenge, had to endure some brutal cold snaps but in the end it was worth it.   Thank you ConnectScale!" - Daniel Hayden  




Each category winner will receive $50 via PayPal and a ConnectScale Prize Pack.

Stay tuned for more challenges and tournaments for your chance to win.  


Here are links to some of the gear that was used to win.  


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