October Fall Tournament - iOS App


Species: Any

When: OCTOBER 10th - OCTOBER 31st

Where: Anywhere in US or Canada 

Who: Any angler 13 years or older with an iPhone.

Rules and Instructions:

Download ConnectScale Fishing App on Apple (iOS) App Store.  Must have version 3.1 Installed.  Note -Android app currently being developed and will be released early 2019.  This contest is for iOS only users.

Complete setting up your User Profile in the ConnectScale App including adding a Profile Pic with your face showing and change your user name to your First and Last Name.

Go fishing between Oct 10th and Oct 31st and log your catches to the iOS ConnectScale Fishing App.   

Add each Catch in the app (All species are eligible) and enter all catch details including Weight, Length & Species.  Be sure to include Tournament Code "FALL18" in the new Tournament Code Field under Catch Details.  Make sure the catch is Public and posted to the Public Catch Feed on the Home Screen.  You may keep your location private.   You are able to upload multiple images for same catch to be eligible for each prize category.  One of your images must include an Index Card or Paper Page Print out with the Tournament Code: FALL18 clearly visible in the photo.

Tournament InstructionsTournament Instructions


3 Grand Prize Winners will be determined by Count, Weight, and Length.  Who can catch the most, the heaviest, and the longest fish.    

Count - One user with the Most Catches by Count.  We will query the database for catches logged that meets the rules above.  Each catch submitted must clearly show full length of fish and Anglers face (Fish Selfie).

Weight - One user with the largest catch by Weight. The submission must include photo of catch, user, and weight on scale with weight clearly showing in image.  

Length - One user with Longest catch by Length.  To be eligible for Length the photo of the catch must be on measuring device (bump board or ruler).  With fish facing left to right.  Mouth must be closed and touching bump board or end of ruler.

Must be 13 years old or older to compete.  No purchase necessary. Free to play. 

Results will be posted 24-48 hours after tournament completion.  ConnectScale reserves the right to disqualify or omit any catches that do not meet rules described above.  All decisions by ConnectScale Staff are FINAL


Each Grand Prize winner of Count, Weight, and Length categories will each receive a $50 ConnectScale Gift Card.

In addition Three (3) Random Users will be chosen and each will be given a Free ConnectScale 2.  Free shipping in US only.  

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