Clip-N-Cull 2.0

Clip-N-Cull 2.0

The Cal Coast Fishing Clip-N-Cull is a premium puncture free culling system that reduces harm and stress to the fish during tournament culling. Featuring an innovative one handed clip design that ratchets down and locks…staying on the fish until you release it. Also equipped with crush-free colored floats that won’t get damaged by livewell lids, the easy-to-read numbers make identifying each fish quick and painless.

The new Clip N Cull 2.0 is a smaller, lighter and more streamlined version of the original. The Clip N Cull 2.0 will include an additional 7th Cull Tag and a bracket to store your cull tags! 

Clip-N-Cull 2.0’s durable injection moulded clips hold fish securely all day long. The one handed operation makes tagging and releasing fish a simple task. Clip N Cull’s bright colored and numbered EVA foam floats makes identification easy.

To open, just straddle the clip with index and middle fingers on the finger holds on the sides of the jaws, position the thumb on the center “C” arm and squeeze. To engage the locking system, simply press the butt end of the clip together. Clip-N-Cull’s unique ratchet-tooth design lets you set the ideal holding strength, reducing harm and stress to the fish.


$ 54.99