Bluetooth® Smart Digital Scale and Fishing App

Bundle: Tournament Culling Package - ConnectScale + Clip N Cull Bundle Package


The Ultimate Tournament Management System is here.  We have partnered with Cal Coast Fishing to bring you an exclusive bundle package of the ConnectScale Bluetooth Digital Scale & Fishing App and their Clip N Cull tournament culling system.     

The ConnectScale App provides a digital tournament cull management feature that offers push notifications to let you know which catch needs to be kept, released, and culled.  To use the apps Tournament Cull Features you need a set of Cull Tags. The app allows you to select Color or Numeric tags. 

The Cal Coast Fishing Clip-N-Cull is a premium puncture free culling system that reduces harm and stress to the fish during tournament culling. Featuring an innovative one handed clip design that ratchets down and locks…staying on the fish until you release it. Also equipped with crush-free colored floats that won’t get damaged by livewell lids, the easy-to-read numbers make identifying each fish quick and painless.

The Clip-N-Cull system is built with rust-free components to ensure you will get a lifetime of use, and it includes six cull-tags in a mesh bag for convenient storage.  A revolutionary system and a must-have for tournament anglers, the Cal Coast Fishing Clip-N-Cull provides the best possible care to fish during culling. No more putting holes in the fish!! Conservation of our fisheries starts here!!


This bundle includes:

1 - ConnectScale Bluetooth Digital Scale

1 - Cal Coast Fishing Clip N Cull Package - (6) Puncture Free Cull Tags with EVA foam floats and a Mesh Carrying Bag





$ 119.99 $ 149.99