Connect Leaderboard is your fishing tournament solution

Ever considered hosting a fishing tournament? If so, our fishing tournament management software provides a great platform to fit all your needs.

Connect Leaderboard allows users to create and host tournaments quickly. This will save a lot of time in the initial set-up of a tournament. The innovative software comes with everything you need to get started.

When hosting a tournament, the first step is to determine who’s eligible, where it will be held, and what species of fish the participants will be fishing for. Connect Leaderboard helps with all those tasks.

"ConnectScale has opened some new doors for our team and will definitely give us the ability to host various styles of tournaments throughout the season,” said Aloca Fishing Team’s JJ LaRue. “I encourage any anglers, fishing clubs, or any other groups looking for the newest technology on the water to go check them out!"

The platform has a registration function that allows individuals to register and hosts to cut off registration 24 hours before the event. This function also allows the host to set a start and end time. There is also a section to post text or links to a PDF or website containing all rules and instructions.

A functional calendar will allow hosts to create hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly events. Participants can only submit catches during certain timeframes chosen by the host.

If a tournament is going to be limited to a certain waterway, the Connect Leaderboard has GPS tracking. This gives directors the ability to verify GPS coordinates of catches. This way participants have to stay within the boundaries set by the host.

After choosing the who, where, and what of the tournament, you’ll need to pick out the format. Are winners going to be determined by weight, size, or overall count over a certain number of days. Connect Leaderboard allows you to choose different formats to keep tournaments fresh and keep anglers coming back.

When all the details are set is when the fun really begins. Anglers take to the water for the tournament and start hauling in fish. And Connect Leaderboard is still helping.

As anglers start hauling in catches, they take a picture using their phones (or their ConnectScale 3 if it is a weight-based event) and submit them to the app. The app will log catches in areas of limited to no service and upload them when they get back in range.

The Connect Leaderboard has a catch verification feature which allows hosts to assign penalties and exclude catches for violation of rules. In-app notifications will let participants know when a rule has been violated or a penalty has been committed. A messaging system allows participants and hosts to easily exchange messages throughout the tournament.

Overall, the Connect Leaderboard is a great investment for anyone looking to host a tournament.

"(Connect Leaderboards) gives our tournaments greater accuracy, flexibility and a better social fishing experience for our anglers,” Chris Misciagna, New York B.A.S.S. Youth Director.