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Will the app work in areas without data coverage?  The app is designed for the core features to function when in areas with out coverage.  However you must already be logged into the app and have it open in the background before entering an area without data coverage.  The Scale works with bluetooth and will transmit data to the app without data coverage as long as the scale is paired to the device and app.  One note when adding photos to a catch in an area with no service or limited/slow data coverage, please take photos of your catch with the native camera app on your device and upload photos to your catches in the ConnectScale app when you return to a good internet signal.

ConnectScale 3

How do I pair my scale to the app?  The scale must be connected through the ConnectScale Fishing App.  Open app, go to the More Tab (Settings), under the top section (Bluetooth) on the Device field Tap to Select, make sure scale is powered on, tap Scan, Select ConnectScale 3 from Nearby device list.   If you attempt to pair through the phones bluetooth settings page the app will not function properly.

My Scale will still not pair with my Android device,  I’ve tried previous steps, what do I do now?
Go to  Bluetooth Settings - Disable bluetooth by Sliding off.   Then wait 3 seconds and enable again by sliding on.  This should reset the device bluetooth setting to enable you to pair scale through the app.  

My scale shows it is connected to bluetooth but it will not transfer weight  to the app?  Make sure you do not have power save enabled on your mobile device.  Depending on the setting your bluetooth will connect and then unpair to device if power save is enabled.  

My scale will not lock in on weight how do I get it to lock?   Make sure you have the Auto Hold feature enabled on the scale. To turn hold on/off you tap and hold the TARE button for 3 seconds.  ON indicates the auto hold feature is enabled and OF indicates the auto hold feature is disabled.  The ConnectScale 3 is a hanging scale, if you are on an unstable boat with rough water conditions and can not hold the scale steady it may not lock in. 



ConnectScale 2


How do I turn off the manual hold feature?  
Tap and hold the Reset Button for 3 Seconds to toggle hold feature on/off.  When the hold feature is off you must press the Unit/Hold button to send data to the app.


Original ConnectScale Model 



How do I pair my Scale with the ConnectScale App?

 How do I weigh a fish using the ConnectScale?

My mobile device is asking for a PIN when I try to connect it with the scale, what pin/code should I use?

When you connect your scale to your mobile device you should do so through the Settings page in the ConnectScale App and not your mobile device settings.   Simply ensure that your Bluetooth is turned on in your device settings and then go into the ConnectScale app’s Settings Page and next to Mobile Device under Bluetooth Settings section tap the “Tap to Scan”   The app will discover your scale without requiring a pin/code.   

What happens if I am fishing around other anglers that are using a ConnectScale?

As long as you have establish the connection for your scale and device you will not pick up someone else’s catches on your app.   Unlike the old versions of bluetooth devices the way Bluetooth 4.0 works is that it does not use a password or pin to connect.   When powered on the scale sends out a signal.  When you tap on “Tap to Search”  on the settings page of the app it establishes that connection. Once connected your device will only register data transferred from your scale.  

The only time this will be a problem is if you are in very close proximity to another angler and both of you have scales powered on when you are trying to connect to your scale for the 1st time.   So as long as you establish connection prior to scenario you will not have issues.  
One additional note:  After you have establish connection, when you are out on the water and you lose connection due to inactivity or some other reason, to reestablish that connection all you will need to do is tap the Bluetooth icon in the upper right of the screen.   
When I weigh my catch the data is not transferring to the app, what should I do?
First thing is to ensure that your Scale is connected to your mobile device.  Each page of the ConnectScale app has a Bluetooth Icon in the top right hand side of each page.  When this icon is white it means that you have a connection established.  If it is gray then it means that the connection has timed out and you will need to establish or reconnect the signal.   To establish a signal for the 1st time go to the Settings Page and next to My Device tap the "Tap Here".   Once you have established a connection you should see "ConnectScale" listed as your device.   If you have already identified your scale and the connection has been broken due to timing out then simply tap the Bluetooth Icon on any page to reestablish the connection.   Note that the scale must be powered on when establishing or reconnection to your mobile device.  



I dropped my scale in the water (or left it in the rain) and now it will not work, what options do I have?
The ConnectScale is water resistant not water proof.  If you have damaged the scale by exposing it to water, we offer a replacement program where you may send in a video or image of the scale showing proof of the damage and we will provide a one-time unique discount code that you may use on our site to purchase a replacement scale for $30 that includes free shipping. 
Do you offer a warranty?
We have a 1 Year Manufacture’s warranty, so if your scale stops working due to a product defect you may submit a claim by filling out this Form.   
What is your return policy?
If you purchased the scale from our website, then you may return the scale and packaging undamaged within 30 days of purchase and we will return payment minus $7.50 Shipping, Handling, and Restocking fee to the Credit Card or PayPal account used to purchase.   If you purchased from another dealer then you will need to contact them about their return policy.