Connect Outdoors launches new fundraiser for schools

Looking for a way to raise money for your high school fishing team?

Connect Outdoors has started a great new fundraiser for both high schools and colleges. For every ConnectScale sold, the participating team will get to keep a percentage of the profits. The percentage is a sliding scale and goes all the way up to 40 percent of profits.

“The proceeds all go to the school or club,” said Jeff Bunch, National Sales Consultant for Connect Outdoors. “Many high schools across the country now have bass fishing clubs and this would be a great way to raise money, which they can use any way they want.”

The ConnectScale ($89.99) is an innovative smart fishing scale that combines Bluetooth technology and a mobile application to digitally weigh and record catch data. Anglers can weigh their catch using the 110-pound limit, water resistant scale which automatically transmits the weight and air temperature data to the mobile app.

The data is combined with date, time, and GPS location of the catch through the app which creates an entry in a catch log. A cloud-based storage system allows users to access their ConnectScale data from any device.

The fundraising system works as a percentage that goes up with the more scales sold. Teams selling between 1 and 10 scales will receive 20 percent of the profits. Teams selling between 11 and 21 scales will receive 25 percent of the profit. The percentage will rise to a maximum of 40 percent profit.

To help incentivize the scale, teams will be able to offer customers a 10 percent discount on the scale if purchased through them.

“This is a great way for clubs to raise money for their teams,” Bunch said. “This helps to try to offset the costs to parents. All team sports are expensive and bass fishing may be the most expensive sport around.”

If your team or school are interested in participating in this fundraising program, please contact Jeff Bunch at or Ben Arnold at  Signing up is a simple process and most of it can be done online.