Has Fishing Technology Gone Too Far?

As a Technologist, Outdoorsman, and Founder of tech startup focused on creating new technology and tools for outdoor recreation market, my answer is NO.  Here at Connect Outdoors, technology and innovation is at the core of everything we do.  

Tyler Anderson with TylersReelFishing YouTube channel just posted his latest video to weigh in on this question and gives a great explanation of three products that he uses to help him become a better angler.  The products that Tyler reviews in this video are:
Anglr Labs BullseyeBassForecast App created by our friend Mike Mehlmann, and last but not least the ConnectScale 3Connect Fishing League, and Connect Leaderboard Tournament Management Software.   

Check out Tyler's Video for a review on all three.   The ConnectScale review starts at 8:13.  

The ConnectScale, Connect Fishing League, and Connect Leaderboard Tournament Management Software is just the begging for Connect Outdoors.  We are working on some exciting new software features and integrations that we will be announcing early next year just in time for Spring.  Until then make sure you pick up a new ConnectScale 3 that helps automate your catch logging and tournament culling.  Plus you can join Connect Fishing League which gives you the chance to compete in our Online Tournament competitions for Cash and Prizes.  

Thanks and Tight Lines!