Host your own fishing tournament with Connect Leaderboard

Connect Leaderboard is the simple, easy way to host your very own fishing tournament.

The innovative software allows users to create and host tournaments quickly. It will save time when setting up a tournament. Certain steps need to be completed when hosting a tournament. We’ll break them all down for you below.  

The very first step when hosting a tournament is to determine who’s eligible, where it will be held, and what species of fish the participants will be fishing for. You’ll need to know the who, what, and where and translate it to participating anglers. Connect Leaderboard makes this a simple and easy process.

Individuals can register right on the platform. Hosts can also cut off registration up to 24 hours before the tournament takes place. Hosts can also post text or links to a PDF or website with all the rules and instructions for the tournament. Tournament hosts can also set a start and end time for the event.

Connect Leaderboard has a calendar that allows for the creation of hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly events. Anglers can only submit catches during dates and times chosen by the tournament host.

GPS tracking keeps the tournament in certain waterways if that’s a tournament rule. Catches can be verified using this GPS tracking, ensuring anglers stay within the boundaries of the tournament.

Hosts will need to determine the type of format the tournament will use. Connect Leaderboard allows you to choose if the competition will be based on weight, size, or the overall number of fish caught on certain dates. This means no two tournaments have to be the same and will keep anglers coming back again and again.

Connect Leaderboard will be there when the hooks hit the water and the tournament starts.

Participants will take a picture of their catches using their phones and submit them to the app. The app records the catches and will upload them automatically if the fisherman is out of cell phone range.

There is a live leaderboard function with Connect Leaderboard. This allows anglers to check their current standings and see what needs to be done to make up ground or stay in the lead.

Connect Leaderboard also had a catch verification feature. This allows tournament hosts to assign penalties and exclude catches for rules violations. App notifications let the angler know when a rule has been violated or a penalty committed. It also has a messaging system that lets tournament hosts and anglers exchange messages throughout the tournament.

Pricing for the tournament software is a great value. Find a full list of prices here. You can also get a free 30 minute demonstration on how the Connect Leaderboard works and how to start setting up your own tournaments by clicking here