How Many Pounds of Fish Did You Catch? The benefits of having a fishing scale

Every fisherman needs to bring the right tools when heading out on the water. They need to pack all the essentials like a rod, reel, bait, and a fishing scale. A fishing scale? That’s right, every angler needs a fishing scale.

There are so many scales on the market today but there is only one that can provide a number of unique benefits: the ConnectScale® Bluetooth® Digital Scale and Fishing App.

After an angler reels in that monster fish, they’ll need to weigh it to see how big of a monster it really is. The ConnectScale uses a stainless-steel hook attachment and can handle fish weighing up to 110 pounds. It is water-resistant so fish can be pulled straight from the water and placed on the scale.

Weight is given in pounds, ounces, and kilograms. The backlit LED screen provides a digital read out to 1/100th of a pound. Meaning you can trust this scale to give you the most accurate weight each and every time.

The ConnectScale is also an innovative and smart device, keeping pace with today’s digital world. When an angler weighs a catch, the ConnectScale wirelessly transmits weight and air temperature data to the app. It automatically logs weight, air temperature, date, time, and GPS location and sends it to the app. The app has a clean user interface and lets the user capture key data from catches and store them on a cloud database.

If you are a tournament angler, you likely use a culling system. Good culling systems allow you to easily keep track of your catches so you know which one will need to be replaced when looking to upgrade your limit. 

ConnectScale's culling feature allows you to manage your catches simply by weighing your catches and one time logging them in the app. The ConnectScale system lets you know exactly how much weight is in your live well. The app will send a push notification to your mobile device alerting you on which catch to replace next if you reel in a bigger fish.

The fishing app also allows for integration with the Connect Leaderboard Tournament Management Software. This software gives anyone the ability to host their own fishing tournament. It features the ability to host multi-format tournaments such as weight or length. There is also a live leaderboard so anglers can check in and see how they are doing against the field.

The staff at Connect Outdoors, parent company of ConnectScale, believe in conservation and protecting the outdoors for future generations. That’s why the ConnectScale uses a clamp style lip grip attachment to protect the fish from harm. And the culling system helps reduce the stress on fish and keeps the mortality rate down by reducing the handling of fish.

Overall, the ConnectScale is a great product to add to your fishing toolbox. You won’t be disappointed. Happy fishing!