Top Five Gift Ideas for Anglers

The holiday shopping season is upon us, and we hope you have a loved one who loves fishing. Connect Outdoors Field Staff Team Member Josh Nelson has put together a list of gift ideas (with accompanying pictures) for any angler.

Top Five Gift Ideas by Josh Nelson

It’s that time when you are looking for those amazing gifts for those in your life who have a passion for fishing. These are some thing I recommend that I have used and would be a good idea to gift the angler in your life.

1. ConnectScale 3 and Connect Fishing League

The ConnectScale 3 is the newest scale release from Connect Outdoors. This scale is easy to use. Press the on off button and it is ready to measure your catch. The ConnectScale 3 can be paired using blue tooth to your phone so if you have the app open it will automatically enter your catch with weight onto the app. The ConnectScale 3 also has a culling feature. Along with the ConnectScale, if your angler enjoys some competition while out fishing, you can purchase them a membership in the Connect Fishing League. The Connect Fishing League has fun tournaments that you can compete in, using your ConnectScale to add a little competition to your fishing experience. You can purchase the scale and membership together as a bundle HERE

2. Enigma Fishing Packmaster

Enigma Fishing PackmasterEnigma Fishing Pack Master

The Enigma Fishing Packmaster makes a great gift idea. Enigma Fishing has produced a quality fishing telescopic fishing rod which is great for the angler on the go. If you like to travel and would like a fishing rod that you can pack away when going on long trip this if for you. The rods are made in both casting and spinning and can be purchased as a combo by visiting

3. Bank Robberz Banker Bag

Bank Robberz Bank Bag

The Banker Bag from Bank Robberz Fishing is must have for the angler who likes to walk the banks in search of their next catch. The Banker Bag has plenty of storage for all of you tackle and accessories. The Banker Bag is a backpack that you can wear to carry of all of your tackle and equipment to your favorite fishing spot. You can get one at

4. TRC Covers Rod and Reel Covers

TRC Rod CoversTRC Rod Cover

Rod and reel covers from TRC Covers are a gift that will help your angler protect their equipment. Rod covers come in both spinning and casting from 6-8 feet in length. You can customize which color and size you would like. The covers offer rod tip protection, and flotation. If your angler likes to use a baitcaster reel or is in to fly fishing you can get them a reel cover to protect their reel as well. You can find these at

5. Elite Anglr Apparel

Elite Anglr Apparel

Elite Anglr offers awesome fishing apparel like t-shirts, hoodies, sun shields, bamboo hooded performance shirts and the new Apex Rain Suit. Your angler can look stylish while out fishing and stay protected from the sun or rain at the same time. Visit


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